Key Features:

  • Bubble Wrap (Various Sizes): Our versatile bubble wrap provides exceptional cushioning to protect fragile items. Available in multiple sizes, it’s perfect for wrapping glassware, electronics, and delicate decorations.
  • Cardboard Bottle Dividers: Keep your bottles safe and organized with our sturdy cardboard bottle dividers. Ideal for wine, spirits, and other beverages, these dividers prevent breakage and ensure safe transport.
  • Carpet Protectors: Preserve your carpets during the moving process with our durable carpet protectors. Easy to apply and remove, they shield against dirt, spills, and heavy foot traffic, keeping your carpets clean and intact.
  • Mattress and Sofa Plastic Bags: Protect your large furniture pieces with our heavy-duty plastic bags. Designed for mattresses and sofas, these bags guard against dust, dirt, and moisture, ensuring your furniture stays in pristine condition.

Why Choose Our Protection Moving Supplies?

  • Comprehensive Protection: Our range of protective supplies covers all your needs, ensuring every item is shielded from potential damage during the move.
  • High-Quality Materials: Each product is made from premium materials, offering reliable and durable protection for your valuables.
  • Ease of Use: Our supplies are designed for convenience, making it easy to pack, protect, and move your belongings safely.


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